“We feel so blessed to have found St. Andrew’s!  Since day one, we have been blown away by the genuine care the entire staff shows our whole family.  We are so comfortable sending our daughter here knowing how hard the staff works to make her feel welcome, loved and safe.  We have loved watching our daughter discover new things, make real friends and enjoy being at school.  We could not be happier and are so thankful for this preschool!”

– Emily


St. Andrew’s is a wonderful place for my children to learn, explore, and make new friends in a caring environment. The teachers are creative and kind. Children are allowed to learn through playing while also learning how to get along well with others and be responsible through fun positions like line leader, weather watcher, prayer leader and many more jobs for their class.

I can’t say enough good things about this preschool. My 3rd and 4th children are enrolled now. My older two daughters went to St. Andrew’s several years ago, as did both my sister’s and brother’s children.  We love St. Andrew’s preschool!!

– Judy


“In starting a new year, I want to share my gratitude with you for your contribution to Leo’s development.

I don’t know if you realize how much he takes away from his time with you.  There are so many fun moments at home, when he sings a song or tells a story that he has learned from you all.

He’s been singing the days of the week song and a song about months (he’s stuck on February) for a while now.  It prompted an interest in the calendar and a lot of questions regarding “when.”  The holidays were wonderful, because I could talk to him about when to expect things and he understood the basics.

He’s started asking for turns and giving turns at home. He talks about sharing and offers to share with us all (every once in a while).

He’s clearly developing an idea of what it means to play “with” other kids and enlists them in his fun, rather than just playing around them.  He talks about his school friends often.

One of my favorites:  He broke out in the chicken dance in the kitchen one afternoon.  I was just about rolling on the floor laughing.  I had no idea where he learned it and when I asked, “Mrs. Stites teached me it.”

Yesterday, at drop off, there was no hesitation.  He launched himself out of the van and was ready to run into the school with Mrs. Smith.  And when he came home, he told me all about how he went to Discovery and there were NEW THINGS!

When his friends came to play over the weekend, he broke out his musical instruments and they made a “band.”  They enlisted the adults to play with them and keep the beat. (Thank you Mrs. Elliff.)”

– Joelle


“Our family LOVES St. Andrew’s Episcopal Preschool.  If we had the option of sending our children through high-school graduation, we would!  The entire staff is outstanding; the consecutive days work well for our schedule; and we love that the children have science and math classes daily.  We did a lot of looking around before deciding on a preschool and this was one of the few that incorporates Christianity and prayer the way it does.  This is a wonderfully supportive and loving environment for all children, and one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our family.”

– Jenn


“We were drawn to the warm atmosphere and family feel of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Preschool from the first time we visited.  St. Andrew’s has positively impacted my children’s academic, social and emotional development.  The teachers work hard to create an environment that sparks children’s curiosity for learning and exploring while modeling respect, caring and kindness.  The communication between the preschool staff, parents, and teachers is fantastic.  My highest praise is that my children have learned to love school and look forward to every school day.  The values taught at St. Andrew’s closely parallel our family’s value system, so going to school for my children has been like an extension of home. We count ourselves blessed to be a part of the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Preschool family. ”

– Jennifer

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